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Prayer for Familes
How to Guide Families to Prayer

How Does It Work?

Your parish chooses two dates, the first date is for the registration. We find the best results with our introduction video which takes less than two minutes after all Masses (click here for the video) The interested families are then directed to fill out a registration form in the gathering area. Your staff then puts the registrations in an Excel or Sheets database with name, address, and email for our records. We do not (nor have we ever) sold this data. We then fill your order and ship you the family packages. We suggest two weeks from registration to the actual ceremony date to allow for shipping time.

The ceremony can take place after each Mass or just one ceremony after perhaps the last Sunday Mass. Sometimes Saturday Vigil people do not or can not attend Sunday services. This is your call.

On the day of the ceremony, the Pastor then has the families remove the image and ceremony book from the package and you begin. This is a very easy-to-follow format that takes about 20 minutes with one Decade of the Rosary.​

How to say the rosary is in part of the ceremony book, we use the Glorious Mysteries as it is usually Sunday when the ceremony takes place. However, links to our website takes you to all 4 Mysteries and how to recite the rosary.


  1. You can lead one Decade of the Rosary or have a teen from Faith Formation lead the parish in the rosary.

    1. For help on "How to Say the Rosary"

  2. Suggestion, have a separate ceremony for families of Faith Formation teens. This can be a great catalyst to keep teens engaged in Church and even return to Sunday Mass if they've been away.

  3. You can say one Decade or the whole Rosary during the ceremony. However, if you have a younger family the whole Rosary may be too long for them to stay in “church behavior” mode.

  4. You most certainly can have a social afterward to have your new home Consecration Families get to know each other. Use this time to build community in your parish.

  5. We encourage you to preach “Prayer for Peace in the Family” on the day of the Consecration. Our mission is to promote family prayer and pray for family peace. We do this with intercessory prayer, praying for each other.

  6. The importance of family prayer is that it builds unity within the family. Siblings that are asked to pray for each other will pray for forgiveness and will find that they think twice about causing problems within the family when they have to ask Jesus for forgiveness in open prayer as a family.

  7. Parents should lead the way by asking for their spouses' forgiveness in front of the children. Be humble.

  8. Prayer for family peace can also be a great follow-up homily.

  9. The last component of the package is the donation envelope. We have covered our costs with voluntary donations, but we really need you to insure that the families understand that you did not pay for this package. Please encourage the families to send us something to cover the cost of the materials along with administration costs.

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